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Jeannie Martin Insurance specializes in helping Californians, just like you, find Health Insurance plans that fit your needs and your budget. Jeannie has access to all the major health insurance companies in California like: Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, HealthNet and more. She explains how the benefits of the plans work and the differences in plans in terms you can understand so, you will feel confident you are getting the coverage you need and want.

Did you know…

Did you know that insurance rates are set by law? So, you can be confident that while you enjoy the benefits of Jeannie Martin’s services and ability to explain health insurance in simple and easy terms that you are getting the best possible rates.

Will your Doctor continue accepting your insurance?

The new Affordable Health Care law has brought many changes. Some of the benefits are richer than before the law was signed, which can mean good things for us. However, richer benefits means higher costs and premiums. To help keep the premiums and cost of claims lower, so that we can afford some of these richer benefits, insurance companies created smaller networks of doctors to choose from. So, going forward it is very important to know if your doctor is accepting the new plan you choose. Jeannie knows how to easily research this for you and help you know if your doctor is accepting the new plan you like or not. This service will make a huge difference and prevent any unpleasant surprises for you when it comes time to use your medical insurance.

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